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David is the author of the best-selling book Do You Talk Funny? and the Founder of FunnyBizz Conference. His work has been featured in Inc., Lifehacker, The Huffington Post, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, NPR, The Wall Street Journal,The Irish Independent, TV3, Newstalk, TED and The Irish Times.

“One of the best speaking coaches out there” according to, David’s program with over 34,000 students has been featured by Prezi as one of the best training courses for presenters. His book remains one of the highest rated in the world on the (usually not so wildly exciting) topic of public speaking and his content has been read by over one million people.

A sought after international business speaker, David also performs standup comedy and was the winner of the prestigious 43rd annual San Francisco International Comedy Competition. As a storyteller he finished runner up in NPR’s the Moth’s largest US story telling competition. As a lecturer he has taught at Stanford Graduate Business School, UC Berkeley, University of Oxford and University College Dublin. (Told you this was random). 

A graduate of the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School he calls San Francisco home when immigration officials permit. David was named on the Irish America 100 List, which recognizes the accomplishments of the best and the brightest Irish-American and Irish-born leaders and the Top 30 Global Guru’s List for communications professionals.

A big fan of travel and languages David has lived and worked in 12 countries and visited 74 and counting.





In what doesn’t sound like the best plan ever, David decided to overcome his public speaking fears by pretending to be an accomplished comedian called “Irish Dave” for one full year, crashing as many comedy clubs, festivals and shows as possible. One part of the plan was at least logical; he was already Irish and already called Dave. In one year, David went from being deathly afraid of public speaking to hosting business conferences, regularly performing stand-up comedy, and winning storytelling competitions in front of packed houses. And he did it by learning from some of the best public speakers in the world: standup comics. In Do You Talk Funny? you will learn the key principles of standup comedy and how they can be applied to your speaking engagements and presentations to make you funnier, more interesting, and better looking. (Or at least two of the three.)
Whether you are preparing for a business presentation, giving a wedding toast, defending your thesis, raising money from investors, or simply want to take on something you’re afraid of, this book will take you from sweaty to stage-ready. 10% of the author’s proceeds will go to Arash Bayatmakou via the Help Hope Live Foundation.
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"A fantastic resource that will help you get from “sweaty to stage-ready.”

by Dorie Clark | January 19, 2018 A fantastic resource that will help you get, as David so eloquently puts it, from “sweaty to stage-ready.” And that’s no exaggeration. In ‘Do You Talk Funny,’ he provides vital advice that is easy to apply in almost any public speaking situation. Very highly recommended!

"pretty much a first"

by glenng | May 27, 2017 Very Helpful! Very Practical! Got a lot out of this book and felt the author was sincere in his desire to help others succeed. Got a lot out of his personal stories. His writing was simple and to the point and he impressed me with his humbleness. Don’t usually get much out of these types of books but I read this one cover to cover…. pretty much a first. Thanks David

"Highly Recommended"

by Seriously | March 8, 2016 I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. First, it’s well-edited and logically presented. As a technical writer and editor by trade and by nature, that really DOES matter to me. Nothing makes me question the validity of an advice book more than poor editing and awkward organization. I can’t relax and enjoy poorly presented writing of any kind. Yes, the book really IS funny. But more than that, the author gives clear, actionable steps for crafting humorous presentations–extremely valuable for those of us who speak in public. I also appreciate that the author shared his own fears of public speaking. He isn’t one of those people who lives to stand in front of an audience. He started his public speaking journey just like the rest of us do–it came with a job. In his case, the job was a task he’d set for himself–helping a friend in need. I found it so easy to relate to his journey because all of the public speaking I’ve had to do has been job related. The other thing I appreciated about this book is how well the author shows that humorous public speaking requires actual WORK. No one will become funnier simply because of reading this book. However, anyone who follows the advice and exercises in the book will be able to better engage their audiences through artful use of humor.

"Brainwashed Toastmaster Likes the Book"

by Ephraim Natan (formerly known as Beit Hagafen) | February 23, 2016 This book takes the info on David’s blog (and his information out there in inter-verse) to a whole new level. I’ve read it once and plan on reading it again very soon. I was so engrossed that I would make up fictitious spills on my tablet screen so my co-workers didn’t know I was taking it into the lavatory to read during my water-closeting breaks. The tone is conversational, like a public-speaking mentor you go out for pints with (which might count for the bit of wordiness here and there). The examples and suggestions are realistic and easy to comprehend. This is not an academic treatise or a “philosophy of funny” thesis – it’s a good, basic, nuts and bolts guide to developing the skills necessary to grow as a humourous speaker. Maybe it is a bit basic for those of you who are naturally gifted and who pull gufffaws out of people like bonobos pick chits out of fur, but for those of us who stumble in that area (being funny, not chit-picking), – the book is a real value. I wish I’d read this book before I gave my Humourous Speech Contest bomb on the Cain and Abel story. I’ll be recommending it to a newbie Toastmaster I eventually get selected to mentor.

"Added bonuses in the back make this an entire class and community within a book!"

by Kati Gish | October 21, 2016 This book is hilarious, full of stories, and packed with useful information. I’d recommend this to anyone trying to get better at public speaking or just being funny in general. The book is filled with stories that illustrate his points. Then when you get to the end, he gives you a link to a page full of video clips to help you see what he’s talking about in action. He also sums the book up for you in the end with his short 80 tips. (And here I was highlighting like a mad man.) Best of all, he invites all who buy this book into a private Facebook group where members can upload and help critique each other’s presentations. With all these added bonuses, this book is more than just a book, it’s an entire class! He could have charged $50-$100 or more and it still would have been a killer deal.

"A Review that's Not From His Family"

by Ryan A Bell | January 14, 2015 I feel a little dumb for putting 5 stars when EVERY damn body does. Maybe they all know David or they’re family or something. I’m not. I’ve seen him speak at his FunnyBiz event and that’s what got me hooked. I’m a very minor public figure and I’ve attained this status through blood, guts, paid advertising and bald faced lies. I also used some of the ideas in this book to balance out my business hilarity. Read this. Follow David. Think funnier. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cubicle dummy or an internet dummy or a sales dummy, this book will help you in your career. I wanna end with a joke but whatever… I’m just gonna leave this all limp and hangy. Still you should buy it…. you shoulda seen me before this.

"A great read for anyone who talks to people - not just in front of people."

by K_MILL | July 10, 2017 This book was excellent! Big thanks to David for sharing his journey and wisdom with us. Thanks to him and his book, I gained new insights and direction for my own goals and standards when preparing for any public speaking opportunity. So much so, that I’m recommending the book to my friends in the public speaking realm and will also make my impromptu speaking student competitors read it when they return to school in August. His efforts and words have had a positive impact on me.


To inquire about having David speak at your event, just drop us a line using the contact form! Why have David speak or lead a workshop at your event? Energy, passion, knowledge, humour, and for those of you outside Ireland, a pretty cool accent.
“For impact, content and valuable takeaways David’s presentation to our Sales team was exceptional – a highly energised, engaging and yes funny (very, very funny) session. In fact, feedback from the team was that his presentation was the best they have had in thirteen years of the conference.

Aidan Cullen | Head of Marketing at Generali Worldwide

“David was engaging, enlightening and entertaining. Many of our attendees told me he was one of the best speakers we’ve ever had.

Lloyed Lobo | Co-founder, Traction Conference Vancouver

“We had David work with our TEDxStanleyPark Conference speakers for two days to make their talks more engaging. His ideas were often strokes of genius. He delivered them eloquently and enthusiastically and totally engaged all our speakers who were extremely impressed by the depth and breadth of his knowledge around public speaking. He opened many eyes to the potential that can be realised by harnessing the power of a performers knowledge to elevate good talks into great talks. My coaches and speakers simply loved him. Highly recommended.

Roger Killen | Producer, TEDx StanleyPark Conference




Join over 34,000 alumni who’ve hacked public speaking in the most entertaining way possible and help rid the world of boring presentations with this unique and practical 5 star reviewed online program.

Mridu Parikh

“Amazing course! David is so relatable, down to earth, and easy to understand. He takes the fear out of speaking, inserts the fun, and provides super valuable tips to improve any type of presentation. I loved the bite-sized videos, loads of examples, and the prompts. This is no doubt the BEST public speaking course out there!”

Mridu Parikh
November 10, 2020

Matt Cameron

“There was so much value I felt guilty claiming my 50% cash back offer! I have attended David Nihill’s conferences in the past and watched him live, so I was curious as to how he could translate his energy and insights into an online program. I speak at large conferences 3-4 times per year and was looking for non-obvious insights that would help lift my reviews to new heights and this course delivered in spades.  Frankly, I think it is priced too low and David should be charging extra for his monthly post-course sessions (They are value packed).  If you have read ALL the books and think you have seen it all (like me), then give this course a go – You won’t be disappointed.”

Matt Cameron November 06, 2020

Jocelyn Ring

“This is the public speaking class you’ve been searching for! I’ve taken countless courses on presentations and public speaking. Most of them zero in on one topic–how to design slides, how to use a storytelling framework, how to present, how to use your voice. Not a single one of them showed how to use humor as a powerful tool or how to be yourself when presenting. David’s course covered ALL the topics and demystified HOW to be funny and how to deal with stage fright. The lessons are short, super engaging and fast-paced. This will be a course that you actually finish ;)”

Jocelyn Ring November 11, 2020

Steven Moran

“I do a lot of online learning some way more expensive than this. This is hands down the best, most fun, and most practical of any of the courses I have taken. Already I have used the techniques to rewrite the open story sequence for my keynote speech. ”

Steven Moran October 21, 2020

Marc Cohen

“Great content, great delivery, highly recommended!I do lots of public speaking for my job and have read a lot of books and taken several courses on this subject. This is easily the best content I’ve encountered. It’s super well organized and full of great ideas and advice, all presented in a remarkably entertaining, and thought-provoking manner. Thanks for making this excellent course!”

Marc Cohen November 12, 2020

Robert Bostick

“Hacking Public Speaking is as thorough a course as you are going to find to improve your public speaking. The bonus is it gives you the secret to the ‘Humor Advantage’ that no other public speaking course does. Enjoy this clear career advantage opportunity. Career advantages can be hard to develop. Being a strong speaker is one of the first ones on the list.”

Robert Bostick October 19, 2020

Misako Yoke

“He is genuine, likeable, and provided an enjoyable session. Wow! 4 hours passed so quickly; there are so many great tips, points, and things that are attainable. Highly recommend it! Thanks, David and team!”

Misako Yoke October 18, 2020

David Lyndon

“An enlightening and highly enjoyable course full of practical techniques for enhancing all forms of spoken communication. Well structured with a wealth of very entertaining examples. I will come back to it time and time again – an excellent investment.”

David Lyndon October 15, 2020

Karen Tilstra

“Engaging, downright real & totally rocked!!!! Loved it! David gave tons of very helpful tips. His presentation passion was clear! Very endearing guy!!”

Karen Tilstra October 15, 2020

Paul Moriarty

“Extremely valuable and entertaining! David Nihill is incredibly talented as a comedian, speaker, and coach! Through “Hacking Public Speaking,” he generously shares a wealth of information delivered in a valuable, engaging, and astonishing easy-to-understand format. The content he shares will serve as a go-to reference guide well into the future, and I would highly recommend this course to anyone willing to put in the effort to improve their public speaking skills.”>

Paul Moriarty
October 18, 2020


This is no ordinary conferenceForbes
FunnyBizz is the only conference of its kind where cutting-edge marketers and creatives come to get their funny on! We bring leading thinkers from the seemingly disparate worlds of comedy and business together to help the world stop synergizing its valueadds and learn to find its funny. The goal? To use humor to make an impact, add value and connect with customers on a level that not only inspires loyalty, but causes coffee to shoot out their noses.


FunnyBizz Influencer is a high level public speaking coaching and ghostwriting service that puts a whole team of business savvy comedic copywriters and accomplished performers at your disposal. We have worked with and written for CEO’s, Presidential candidates, Saturday Night Live, Family Guy and a host of top TV shows. We have written award winning speeches, won comedy awards, and provided the best bits of many a TED talk. We include bestselling authors, award winning comedy writers and storytellers, TED speakers, viral content sensations and Ivy League graduates. We are on stage way more than traditional public speaking coaches and we live or die by engagment. We are Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour true masters of public speaking and we can make your talk better. A lot better.
“David is a master! He understood my voice, and worked with me to build out a story that was uniquely me. My audiences were engaged, emotional, and laughing out loud!”

Blake Irvin | Former CEO and Board Director of GoDaddy


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